Focus and Scope
Journal of Science Nusantara (JSNU) is a journal that contains scientific papers from researchers, academics, and practitioners, in the form of research results, literature reviews, and/or other forms of scientific writing, which specifically examines the field of :
1) Animal science which covers the scope of production science, nutrition, yield technology livestock, livestock socio-economics and animal health.
2) MIPA which covers the scope of computer science, informatics engineering, and systems information, pure mathematics and physics.
3) Engineering which covers the scope of civil engineering and mechanical engineering.


Journal History
JSNU : Journal of Science Nusantara is published 4 (four) times a year, on September, December, March and Mei 


Peer Review Process
In the review process, JSNU involves writers, editors, section editors, and reviewers. Where in the review process, JSNU applies the Double-Blind Review model to maintain confidentiality. Every submitted manuscript is checked first by the editor. If the article meets the focus and scope and the JSNU writing guidelines, then the document is continued to the reviewer to review the content and novelty of the manuscript. Otherwise, the manuscript will be returned to the author. A minimum of 2 reviewers will review each document for approximately 8-10 weeks with the criteria for assessing the manuscript as stated in the Article Assessment Form for Reviewers.


Author Fees
Article Publication/Article Processing Charges (APCs): If the paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay an Article Publication Fee to cover publication costs:

1. Generals: 200.000 (IDR)

2. Lecturers: 100.000 (IDR)

3. Students: 50.00 (IDR) 

How to deposite fees:

Depositing fees directly by Bank Mandiri on account 1710003532499


Plagiarism Check
Every manuscript that has passed the editor's desk evaluation or before being published will be checked for similarity using Turnitin/Ithenticate software. Documents must meet the maximum similarity limit of 30% to proceed to the review/production process..