Kontruksi Dakwah di Media Sosial

  • Alvin Afif Muhtar Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama' Blitar
  • Miftakhul Rohman Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama' Blitar
Keywords: Konstruksi Dakwah, Strategi, Santri Gayeng, Gus Baha, Media Sosial.


Advances in technology, information and communication are inevitable. The use of social media is commonplace in everyday life. Making information on social media as a reference for knowledge is something that is possible and is often found, one of which is religious knowledge. Opportunities for da'wah through social media are an alternative for da'I to mad'u. For anyone who wants to preach through social media, of course, they must know and understand the construction or concept. Da'wah construction in general includes methods, strategies and tactics or execution. Meanwhile, the construction of da'wah on social media includes instruments or tools used by understanding the characteristics of social media after that understanding and using the platform or design of social media to be used. Gayeng Santri created a new perspective in preaching through social media by popularizing KH. Ahmad Bahaudin Nursalim (Gus Baha). The da'wah strategy carried out by Santri Gayeng is to upload Gus Baha's recitation content two or even three times a day. Create click bait so that viewers are curious about the content and add keywords. Make content descriptions by writing down the source of the book being studied, for example the book Al-Hikam, Tafsir Jalalain, Nashaihul Ibad, Al-Barjanzi and Maulid Diba'i. Added Indonesian subtitles as well as the Arabic text that is being discussed. Creating a content series so that it is complete and correct in understanding the content and creating a series of content by looking at the current situation and conditions.